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These are Their Only Options?

Delving into the world of politics…

I used to be a political junkie. In my youth and, in fact, all the way up until the 2020 thing, I could have told you the name of every US Senator, most of the House members, all the governors, et al., etc.

Then I began to realize that it’s all quite meaningless. Heck, in my younger days I actually used to take that USCCB crap seriously about faithful citizenship. Seriously, though, it’s all nonsense.

Here’s how much I’ve changed. Back in January of this year I was approached by a fellow parishioner to run for a spot on the city council. The city in which I live is best described as a fairly large (medium-sized) city that still functions as a small town, if you follow what I’m putting down. I first asked this fellow why he would want me to run for anything. We had hardly ever spoken more than a few words to each other, albeit always very sociable. He insisted that it was because “they” needed me to run. He avered that I would make an ideal candidate. I’m articulate, great in front of a crowd, can think on my feet, am conservative, yadda yadda yadda.

St. Rocco statue, St. Lucy’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ (unrelated to topic)

To counter his claims: 1) I don’t know who “they” are but I already loathe them for attempting to put me in this position. 2) I am quite articulate owing to my years of writing and a natural knack for communicating the written and spoken word as well as my general knowledge of a lot of things. 3) I am more than great in front of a crowd owing to my years of teaching. If you can master thirty high school juniors for 180 days then you’ve obviously got some skill. I am conservative but I’m not sure you know exactly what that means.

I dug in my heels and made him make his point. In the end, it turns out he had an agenda. They always do. He wanted a candidate who would support some measures pertaining to a charter school his kids go to. And that’s totally fine. But I homeschool my kids because I detest the public schools and the Catholic ones to boot. I really do not have a horse in that race. And the reality is I do not have a horse in any race. I gave it a split-second muling over before settling on Barnhardt’s Axiom about politicians. I am NOT a narcissist and I will not be controlled by anyone. Ergo, I have no intention of running. Furthermore, I have been convinced that politicians cannot get anything accomplished of worth. People tell me, “Yes, I understand your frustration with national pols, but local politics is where it’s at! You need to get involved to help steer our community.” Again, no, no I don’t. I spent time as a volunteer member of my city’s library board a few years ago. This did not require me to be a politician and, although there was an interview, I did not have to campaign. What I discovered after almost two years was that the smut being peddled to children in my city was not going away anytime soon. I drafted and sent a letter to the City Council telling them the following: “Dear Sirs: I joined the Library Board to help the City manage the Library System effectively. A library exists for the collection and preservation of books. It does NOT exist to promote criminal sodomites interacting with children on my tax dime. It does NOT exist to curate collections about faggots. And it does NOT exists to stock books that the State of Texas considers pornographic (i. e., who’s dissemination to minors violates the state’s criminal code). As it is clear that my lone voice means nothing, I quit. PS: I’ve been removing the books on Wicca from the kids’ section and “disappearing” them for years. You’re welcome.”

Boy, where was I?

Ah yes, politics. Used to be my life. Now it’s not. I served on the board. I wouldn’t run for office. And what passes for a government in the middle latitudes of the North American landmass is corrupt and evil and leading us all to perdition.

But last night I caught a bit of the few senate and gubernatorial debates that were on the Youtubes. And for a brief moment I was in love with politics again. I don’t love any of the candidates. I feel no connection to them. But what I loved was the spectacle. I loved this in the same way I love watching tornado videos to fall asleep at night or airplane disasters when I’m on a flight. Face your fears, my friends, and laugh at them.

I showed a clip from the Pennsylvania debate to my wife while we ate dinner this evening. Keep in mind the one Uniparty candidate has had a stroke but was thoroughly wretched beforehand and the other Uniparty candidate is a carpetbagger who vocally supports sodomy.

We laughed at the spectacle. We laughed and then stopped laughing. We stopped laughing and realized we’re even more screwed than we thought. And then my wife asked me the most important question – one that no reporter has dared to ask.

“Are these their only options?!”

“Yes, dear,” I said, “The only two.”

St. Thomas More, pray for us!