Daily Archives: October 13, 2022

The Les Femmes Ladies Had Me Both Laughing and Wretching at This One

The blog Les Femmes, authored by some amazing women who’s pro-life activism over the years is nothing short of inspiring, have a brilliant post up today that really made me laugh… until it made me spew chunks. Let me explain.

At the bottom of the piece – click here – is an embedded video of the Synodal Gay Ways theme song. I laughed first at the paragraph above this video. Their description of just how faggy this ditty is made me question if I had ever heard Haugen, Haas, or Schutte before. “Could this one be that horrendous?“ I mused. Side note: in typing the word “ditty” above, my phone autocorrected first to “dirty” and then to “Soddy”. Seems appropriate.

Go check out that link and tell me if you don’t instantly recognize that this synod is all about the bone ponies. Have a bucket handy. By the way, the opening notes sound ripped off from Gloria Loring’s Friends and Lovers.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us!