Daily Archives: October 9, 2022

Seen and Heard

Ah, the goings-on in NuChurch just keep going on.

Today, a close source informs me that the local ordinary presided over a “liturgy” for the French Congolese “community” at a local “multicultural” parish. I won’t name names but perhaps he was brain-injured by the climate shock of his last move. Or it could have been the vax. He was pretty prominent about getting that nonsense injected into his arm. The source – a dear friend of many years – had missed the earlier Mass and had no other options. Or so she thought, as I will argue in another post to come. If the New Order Mass is your only “option”, you might actually have no option at all.

Regardless, this source informs me that things got weird really fast.

“After the opening procession, I couldn’t tell if I was at Mass or a revival,” she said.

Oh it was a revival alright – a revival of Soul Train, from the description she provided.

Queen of the Rosary, stained glass, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oklahoma City, OK

I’ll spare you the gory details and skip to the “homily”. I couldn’t tell you what the Epistle or Gospel were about because the New Order Mass uses a different “cycle” and calls them silly things like the “First Reading,” etc.

The ordinary apparently meandered his way through a few banal thoughts before spewing forth the following gem.

“God was an immigrant too! He had to cross the border… between Heaven and earth!”

Ok 1) No. 2) What the hell? Pandering to people is now “evangelization”. And 3) See point number 1. Also, many of the Congolese in this particular parish were born here but whatever.

If only there was a universal rite of the Church that goes back to ancient days, given to us by Our Lord Himself. Imagine if all Catholics could walk into a Catholic church and worship in the same way as their ancestors and not wonder if they had wandered into a low rent Protestant megachurch. Imagine if prelates knew and believed and taught the authentic Catholic faith – vital things that might help their flocks advance in sanctity? What would that be like to enter such a Church?

Had enough yet?

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for us!