What the Eye Can See: A Testament to God’s Marvelous Design: *Update with slight correction*

A thought occurred to me this evening as the sun went down and I gazed over my house (the original post contained an autocorrect at this point that said Houston in place of the correct word house) into the night sky.

First a picture of what I saw.

The bright dot to the left of the tree… That is the planet Jupiter.

Now for a closeup of the right-hand side of the same picture.

The fainter dot on the right side. That is the planet Saturn.

Why is any of this significant?

First; the camera – a good one at that – doesn’t do justice. I saw both dots with my naked eye. And I knew from even my amateur astronomer’s experience what both were.

The thought immediately struck me that I, an insignificant man on a tiny planet that has seen literally billions of other men like me inhabit it’s rocky mantle, could behold such wonders.

Here I saw two objects, bigger than just about anything comprehensible to man’s mind, tens of millions of miles away and just about as far from each other as they are from me. And I thought, “How wonderful of God to create this universe for us.”

As the Psalmist says: “What is man that Thou shouldst care for him?”

Creator of the heavens and earth, have mercy on us!

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