Tuesday Night Roundup: Now with Personhood!

A Peronist’s a Peronist, No Matter How Evil

Word out today is that Antipope Bergoglio has reportedly told reporters that he will not answer the question of whether an unborn human child is a person because “it’s an unsettled question” or something like that. Someone online pointed out that the not always perfectly worded 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church states exactly the opposite.

“How can he say such things in opposition to the Catechism?!” they say.

I ran this past a friend of mine who responded, “No matter. He’ll just change the Catechism.”


Folks, if you don’t get by now that this man who does everything he can to outright destroy the Catholic faith is NOT the actual Vicar of Christ then you probably never will.

St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, Old North End, Boston, MA (unrelated to post topic)

Anyone who’s ever worked with children, or taught children, or held a newborn, or truly observed a woman with child can tell you the truth. But if you insist on jumping backwards through mental, flaming hoops trying to square the circle that a heretic usurper is the one and only living pope, then 1) you will eventually go insane or lose your faith or both and 2) I can’t help you.

For everyone else, Cling to Our Lord, Who Is Truth.

Anticipating the Big Day

I’m just putting it out there, Brazilian steakhouses are amazing. I’ve been on the carnivore diet for the past two months. Incredible results. Some of you know that I took up weightlifting and conditioning hardcore after my second spinal fusion surgery a few years ago. I didn’t have a whole lot to lose but it was time for a shred phase as I had done a bulk over the summer. A restaurant where a team of waiters descend upon you with cuts of expertly cooked and cut meats is the perfect place to celebrate the vigil of a major feast. More on that tomorrow.

Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!

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