Fifth Day in the Octave: Tammy Wynette?

For this fifth day of Christmas, following on my travel day, I decided finally to rest.

And then someone turned on a four-part series about George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Apart from Jones truly resembling a possum, we are told to believe this is a true story. And if it is true…

These people are the worst people I have ever encountered. What a bunch of amoral narcissist whores! Stand by your man? In one early scene, Tammy and George grab Tammy’s kids in front of Tammy’s husband and hit the road because, you know, happiness or something. I walked away for a while and just returned to find Tammy committing insurance fraud to score opioids.

What a shock when they divorced. Not.

In fact, it appears their life resembles every bad cliche of country music itself.

Dear Lord, now she’s singing about how she’ll just keep on “falling in love until she gets it right”. She should probably master rounding her vowel sounds first.

But I got to see my newest great-nephew today who is all of six days old; so the day hasn’t been a total loss. He’s beautiful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little diversion from the Ratzinger deathwatch.

Merry Christmas!

Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!

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