There Has Been Hope

Tonight, I am attending a gala to honor the 30th Anniversary of an effort begun by the parents dear friends of ours. 30 years ago, this couple began a school. They wanted to educate young children; young men and women, in the true Catholic faith. Tonight my wife and I are blessed to be with them as they celebrate this honor.

Pep and Mrs, B., you may not realize it but you have done well. You have succeeded in your goal. I can say no more than congratulations!

St. Joseph, strong defender of the Holy Family, pray for us!

I say there has been hope because you did what Our Lord asked you to do. You set out to teach the faith. This you did and you did it well. You took the authentic faith that was given to you and you handed it on to others. Thank you. You inspire me and my wife that the faith can be handed on.

It may not seem like much. I’ve been there. I worked in Catholic schools. It is hard. You feel like you will never see the fruits of your labor. But tonight, I watched as your former students – now with children of their own – told you how much your teaching meant to them, how they learned about the true faith from you. You poured out your life. As a teacher, I admire that and I salute you both. We are a remnant but a mighty one at that, and you mightily fought against the devil to save the souls of the children in your charge.

There are almost no small, independent Catholic schools that succeed at this. But you had Faith and Charity. Hope flowed from that.

God bless you for adhering to the virtue of hope.

God bless you for your years of teaching.

God bless you for being you.

On this feast of St. Joseph, I ask his intercession for you both.

St. Joseph, protector of the Church, pray for us!

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