Men Are So Violent

I called it the second I heard this.

Leave it to a dude to shatter that glass ceiling. I wonder how much trans-violence against cis-kids will figure into every headline and sanctimonious social media slogan over the next few days.

Folks, I spent 15 years as a teacher and administrator. It was my job to keep my kiddos safe not only as the site manager in the classroom (which we’ve been conditioned to accept as cinderblock coffins thanks to cower-in-place lockdown drills) but also as the guy creating and implementing the response protocol for these horrific events.

This is why I homeschool.

It was bad enough when self-righteous teenagers started to argue with me about how many sexes there really are. It was bad enough having to worry about lunatics bursting in and killing people. Put the two together and it’s a special kind of nightmare scenario I refuse to face.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!

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