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It IS a Human Life

People who say otherwise a) were deprived of oxygen at birth, b) are lying to themselves, and/or c) are evil.

Just a quick note tonight. I know this is not the end of the Molochian sacrifice in our once great land. I know the fight continues. But we needed this moment.

Over on the most excellent blog Les Femmes, Mary Ann has a great piece about personhood and the next step. Please check it out.

Nativity, Chapel of Christ the King, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA

I realized in part why I got so emotional at yesterday’s news. My late father was a perennial candidate for Congress. He spent his retirement pounding the pavement to get signatures. Got his name on the ballot every two years (so not exactly “perennially” but you get the picture). His slogan?

Pro Life: No Exceptions, No Compromise.”

Yesterday was just one of the things he literally gave his blood, sweat, and tears for. He fought the good fight for that moment. Realizing it six years after his death was bittersweet.

But it reminds me we must keep up this banner.

No exceptions.

No compromise.

Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us!