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Saturday Night Quick Hit

I saw a headline today on Canon212. “Yahoo says: More Babies Need to be Aborted to Solve America’s Diaper Shortage”

My wife and I would have loved an army of offspring. I hear it’s a very Catholic thing to do. He gave us two and they are the joy of my life. But long before I “tradded” I knew this was what God asks of couples entering marriage – to lovingly accept ALL the children He gives them. Being the 14th in my own family might have tinted my worldview here but who’s to say?

Stations of the Cross, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, OKC (unrelated to topic)

Reading that particular headline made me shudder. I say this with absolute conviction. I would lovingly take the children that others don’t want. In a world where a shortage of disposable plastic waste collection systems prompt men to suggest child murder as the solution, perhaps this petition should go into my novena to St. Rita.

Mary, Mother at Calvary, pray for us!

UPDATED: Journal of the Harvey Society of Medicine: A Special Note for the Bishops of Louisiana on Conception, Implantation, and Murder

There are multiple reports that the Catholic bishops of the state of Louisiana have declared as moral and licit the use of the “contraceptive” morning-after pill for victims of rape.

Ever since I took that sex ed class in fifth grade (see last post on how their own ilk in the episcopate forced that garbage on 10 year-old me), and owing to the fact that I have contributed to the conception of several human people who look astonishingly like me but with hair, I feel qualified to dispense the following advice to Their Excellencies.

Listen carefully boys, because I don’t want to have to repeat myself.

The moment a man’s sperm cell makes contact with the egg cell of a woman…

God creates another human person!

The original TBT*

You probably never learned this next fact either so I’ll include it here. A human person is defined as the union between a physical, human body and an immortal soul. This is such fascinating stuff. Also, murdering a human person is wrong. I don’t even want to broach the subject of “mortal sin” and how those who die unrepentant of it go to the everlasting fires of hell… Best not to shock you like that.

If we consider all the facets of the situation of human conception we might actually come to the conclusion that once the two gametes (reproductive cells) meet, deliberately doing anything to cause a demise to that human person would be murder no matter how the two cells came together.

Does a woman have a right to protect her egg? Of course. And as tragic as rape is, even when rape is the cause of the fertilization, that egg is no longer an egg but a person.

I must be making my fifth grade teacher so proud right now! Shucks…

Getting serious for a second… I remember the late Archbishop John Myers of Newark (McCarrick’s immediate successor) trotting out the same line 20 years ago. They called it the “Peoria Protocol” after Myers’ first see in Illinois. Turns out a doctor Myers had befriended in Peoria had convinced him that “protecting the egg” from “potential conception” was valid. It was explained to the Archdiocese (I have had it confirmed) that this was, in fact, wrong on two grounds. 1) WHAT if a woman is already pregnant when she is raped? 2) You cannot determine the moment of conception so you may not proceed with this action. My source tells me that she was given the runaround by the Archdiocese of Newark at the time who finally put her touch with a lawyer from Princeton, NJ (not sure how he should figure into this). This lawyer used circular logic for about 45 minutes before telling my source, “Well, that’s how it’s going to be so we’re done here.” Additionally, my source made it through to JJ Myers himself on a conference call with a prominent pro-life leader on the call. The two of them listened as Myers stated that ‘The doctor who had given him [Myers] the information from which he based his decision was also a prominent man who Myers was trying to convert [begs the question, convert to what?] and that he fully understood exactly what my source was explaining but that his mind was made up.’” Bishops, how dare you? Can I charitably assume that you really don’t know that RU-486 and even “the pill” itself act as abortifacient drugs once fertilization has occurred? You’re not stupid, we presume. Looking for worldly applause? A little human respect? Wanna’ show the non-Catholics of the Pelican State that you’re chill?

Better idea. Take off your zuchettos and pectoral crosses and deposit them on the altars now. In this very day’s Gospel we hear: “He therefore that shall break one of these least commandments, and shall so teach men, shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.”

You disgust me, every damn one of you, if you know what you’re doing and you do it anyway. And every human life that ends abruptly because of your “pastoral instruction” will bear witness against you at your judgments.

Have a nice day.

O Mary Conceived Without Sin, Pray for us who have recourse to Thee!

*ThrowBack Thursday

Severe Abnormalities: Fetal and Papal

The heat broke temporarily here in Texas. Last night the collapsing remnants of a cold front dropped the temperature from 103° to 74° in a matter of thirty minutes. This is Texas, after all. So it seems that our sufferings do come to an end, albeit for a short period only. The hundreds are roaring back in the next few days.

I mention the weather because it has shaped me over these past eleven years of my life living in the Lone Star State. I recently watched Hillbilly Elegy, the autobiographical story of JD Vance. In one of the opening scenes, an old woman sits on her porch, toothlessly mouthing the word “Amen” while listening to what I imagine is a Billy Graham sermon wafting from her radio. I still have most of my own teeth. Swap out trad YouTube videos and stick a gin in my hand and I could be that old woman. It’s the weather. It’s too hot to do much else.

The Fetal Kind

In the course of my day of “research” I came across several news items. They all focused on the supposed rage felt by the child-sacrificing Molochian class in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision last week. Would you believe that, among other things, these woketard monsters are furious that states would even consider passing legislation to outlaw baby murder but not make a provision for a case involving a child with “severe fetal abnormalities”?! The horror!

Let’s cut right to the chase.

What they are arguing is that a child who isn’t “perfect” should be slaughtered.

One of my sisters gave birth to a baby girl about 14 years ago. The baby was diagnosed with anencephaly midway through the pregnancy. She lived five beautiful days on this earth. She was baptized. She was perfect. In no universe would any mother or father in their right mind have wanted her dead.

We cannot engage with these people. Someone so vile as to argue for the murder of a child because “Oh my goodness! She isn’t perfect”… That person lacks any intellectual capacity and is likely a sociopath. Pray for that person, yes, but have nothing to do with him.

The Papal Kind

Then there is the matter of a certain Italian-Argentine and his (and his cohort of groupie bishops) refusal to comment (or to comment directly) on Dobbs. Look, it’s not my fault you weren’t cast in the lead role of Evita but don’t take out your troubles on the rest of us.

Under English Common Law, there is a maxim that states “Silence is assent.” And so instead of statements that what the Court just handed down is a good thing because it advances the cause of saving babies and thus saving souls, we get more tired seamless garment crap – heavy of the social justice nonsense and completely silent on what counts.

I’m terribly sorry to have to point this out to some of Your Eminences and Excellencies but… I can be grateful that the slaughter of children for the sake of convenience will grind to a halt in half the country without also getting my rochet in a ring because “we’re still executing wanton criminals!” They do not now nor will they ever equate. This is called Catholic teaching. If you had taken your nose out of Gustavo Gutierrez’s rear end when you were in seminary, you’d know that.

Believe me. I was in seminary. South American Marxist “theology” was our course work. Rather than studying De Deo Uno or Liguori, we read Beth Johnson’s classic She Who Is. It’s a classic alright. A classic piece of garbage. And Latin? Heh! No sir, we never touched the stuff. But Pastoral Spanish I and II were required.

I have such PTSD from my seminary days I’m adopting this ditty from a 1970’s hymnal as my anthem.

All things being equal, I haven’t heard anything from the pope about recent news. His Holiness Benedict XVI, although still wearing white, giving Apostolic Blessings under his own name and hand, and also being the actual pope, has also remained silent.

Perhaps we will suffer longer under the sweltering mess of this situation. Or perhaps as the Texas weather has shown me, it might all just break one day.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!

It IS a Human Life

People who say otherwise a) were deprived of oxygen at birth, b) are lying to themselves, and/or c) are evil.

Just a quick note tonight. I know this is not the end of the Molochian sacrifice in our once great land. I know the fight continues. But we needed this moment.

Over on the most excellent blog Les Femmes, Mary Ann has a great piece about personhood and the next step. Please check it out.

Nativity, Chapel of Christ the King, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA

I realized in part why I got so emotional at yesterday’s news. My late father was a perennial candidate for Congress. He spent his retirement pounding the pavement to get signatures. Got his name on the ballot every two years (so not exactly “perennially” but you get the picture). His slogan?

Pro Life: No Exceptions, No Compromise.”

Yesterday was just one of the things he literally gave his blood, sweat, and tears for. He fought the good fight for that moment. Realizing it six years after his death was bittersweet.

But it reminds me we must keep up this banner.

No exceptions.

No compromise.

Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us!

Miserere Nobis!: My Thoughts on the Fall of Roe

Blessed feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to one and all!

I was awakened this morning to the joyous news that Roe and Casey have fallen.

Let that sink in.

We’ve Fought Side by Side for Many Years

I suspect you and I have been in the same trenches on this one for a long time. Remember how we were armed with prayers and tears?

Perhaps you and I crossed paths in the many, many years of bitter cold January days when we marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to peacefully ask our government for a redress of this grave evil. There were millions of us during those days. We’d get to the top of Capitol Hill and turn around to see the throngs streaming up behind us like ants and take comfort that we weren’t alone in an insane world.

Perhaps we crossed paths in the Spirit of Truth as we knelt before the Lord in Adoration and at the Holy Sacrifice begging Him to hear our voices since the tiny victims were denied speech.

Altar in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
St Lucy’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

Perhaps we crossed paths simply, humbly, and marvelously on our knees at night as we said our prayers and thought of our own kids – how they came into the world in love and how we would die for them out of love – and then thought of those snuffed out because the evil one demands child sacrifice and men choose to turn from love and the opposite of love is indifference.

Perhaps we crossed paths teaching the faith and trying – sometimes with facility and often against great resistance – to convince a few teenagers in a high school theology class that a human child in the womb is 1) human and 2) can’t be anything other than human.

Maybe we said the same things in our prayers. “Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save souls and unborn babies!”

Our politicians didn’t help, except to say they were on our side when they needed our votes. One man promised us justices who would overturn Roe. He gave us those justices. Despite how he pushed a deadly vaccine (and continues to do so), I give thanks for his actions here and pray for him.

Our bishops didn’t help much. In truth, some were more vocal than others; but we totally could have ended this decades ago if they had stood up.

“God is sooooooo good.”

Is this perfect news? Far from it. In my home state killing a baby up to birth is now codified in law. In my new home state abortion is now essentially illegal altogether.

I’ll admit this is not how I imagined this day would go down. I’m genuinely shedding tears as I write this post. So many years… Did any of us believe that evil decision would be overturned? I bet Nellie Gray believed it, and Phyllis Schlafly too. I think my late dad probably thought this day would come. My widowed mom sent me a text. “God is sooooooo good.” She concluded it with a heart emoji because she’s 85 and texts. He is sooooooo good.

Stay Confessed

I know it’s far from over. Satanist groups are planning violence. We must pray harder now and be prepared to protect and defend ourselves and our churches.

Window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Lucy’s Catholic Church, Newark, NJ

As for me? I went to confession. Then I went to mass with my daughter. Meditating on the mystery of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is so powerful. Lord Jesus, cleanse us with the water from Thy Wounded Side and then bathe us in They Precious Blood! Friends, stay confessed. Go to mass. Pray your rosaries.

And celebrate this moment for what it’s worth. You had better believe there’s a bottle of gin on my bar to be opened tonight. It calms the shellshocked nerves. Brothers and sisters, but especially my fellow Catholic men, NEVER give up this fight.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

St. John the Baptist, pray for us!

Prepare, Worship, Defend

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is only days away – Friday June 24.

Also, believed to be just days away is the possible Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V. Wade – Friday June 24.

Overturning Roe is a good start but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that too much will change.

Are you prepared for another long, riotous summer? Are you prepared to have your home and vehicle vandalized because you displayed sympathy for the unborn? It’s already been happening and our federal overlords have ignored it. There is much evil that Satan will try to unleash. Remember, child sacrifice is his bag.

Are you prepared?

The above image is of a flag made by a woman in Maine. Her name is Deborah. I just ordered mine today.

***To order one for yourself (as though you haven’t already seen this “advertised” on Barnhardt, Fr. Z., et al., send an email to Deborah at ode2hopester@gmail.com.***

May His kingdom come! May Our Lord’s Sacred Heart pour forth His abundant love and mercy on this once great land. We have much as a nation for which to atone, starting with the blood of the unborn.

Speaking of hearts, I am always heartbroken when I think of the slaughtered innocents. My wife and I wanted lots of kids. God gave us two. And they are more precious to us than you can imagine. The happiest moments of my entire life were those when I held my newborns. Pure innocence and love and beauty! And our nation has sentenced tens of millions to death…


Pray and worship Our Lord. I mentioned we’ve been blessed to visit Our Lord in Adoration every day and night this week. Go to mass on this first class feast and give Him your heart. He will give you His. Mine is weak. His is crowned with thorns for me. Mine is forgetful. His remembers His promise of mercy from generation to generation. Mine is sinful and proud. His is humility personified, bleeding with love for us.

His Sacred Heart desires you. Go to Him. Worship Him. Love Him.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, friend of sinners like me, have mercy on us all!