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What Shall We Call Them, Fr. Murray?

Over on Frank Walker’s Canon212 is a link to a video in which Fr. Gerald Murray, the canon lawyer who frequently appears on Raymond Arroyo’s EWTN program tells us how he feels about Walker’s use of the term “Thugcardinal”. Murray, who is generally on-point in his analyses of the current situation in the Church and for whom I generally have great respect, is of the opinion that the use of such terms are unseemly and “ridiculous”.

Here we go…

1: I use the word ridiculous as a dad all the time. “Kids, that song is ridiculous.” “Son, that haircut is ridiculous.” “Daughter, you’re 12, perms are both gross and ridiculous. Knock it off.” Walker, who needs no defense from little ol’ me, is being anything but ridiculous here. Calling cardinals who act like thugs “thugcardinals” is truthful. And if he’s arguing implicitly that it doesn’t keep in the mold of how Our Lord would speak or act, did He not call the Pharisees a “brood of vipers”? But at least they weren’t “thugpharisees” so I guess it’s cool.

2: Fr. Murray further states that the pope should never be called “thugpope”. Agreed. Leave Benedict alone. For Antipope Bergoglio, I prefer a term Ann Barnhardt has used – “Likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist”. It’s probably more fitting. But he’s a thug too. He was a thug when he said that women (like my mother, a mom of 16) was “breeding like a rabbit”. He was a thug when said the Bugnini mass was the “sole expression of the Roman Rite”. And he’ll likely appear before his particular judgment as a thug. Pray for this thug. Every day. And speaking of his judgment…

3: I actually have a source who tells me that Bergoglio is facing two uphill battles at the moment. I am informed by this very reliable source that the Jesuit has been diagnosed with both intestinal cancer and a serious knee infection. This isn’t really news. The knee thing has been obvious for some time and more visible now with the wheelchair. The cancer? Eh… we shall see. Rumors of pancreatic cancer have swirled ever since last summer and the hush-hush trip to the hospital. The only thing new here is the specific type of cancer. Either way, see above about praying for this man.

4: How on earth did they find Cardinal Ralph de Bricassart to conduct that interview? See for yourself here.

Stay tuned folks…

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us!