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Wednesday Night Roundup – Now with Cat 4 Winds!

“Thank you so much for being here.”

Where Would I Be?

Those words were spoken to me by a dear friend today. You see, my family and I were visiting a part of the country where we used to live when this friend’s father died. “Where else would I be?” I asked her. You see, my mother and father taught me the corporal works of mercy when I was a young boy. We had been through a horrible tragedy ourselves. Three of my siblings died in a house fire when I was four. I will forever remember the literally thousands who came out in the snow simply to be with us. I will never forget that. To bury the dead means to support the grieving as they bury their dead as well. I was here. Where else would I be?

Tenth Station of the Cross, bas relief plaster, Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs, Auriesville, NY

He’s a Friend

And this got me thinking of other things. Earlier this week, a representative of a large Catholic organization said to me, “That man who runs that Canon212 website is crazy.” He was talking about Frank Walker. I will state here that Mr. Walker and I have never met. He has been kind enough to link my articles over the past few months and I greatly appreciate that. But I appreciate even more his honesty, his grit, and his love of the truth. Before you cast aspersions, remember that I was also raised by my parents to protect my friends. I was prepared to go all Jersey on this man but I held my tongue. “I consider him a friend,” I said. And we left it at that. Frank, if you’re reading this, I got your back.

We’ve Got To Stop Traveling

And speaking of Frank, you may have seen his headline about the hurricane bearing down on his area. If you see this, please offer a rosary for all those in the path of Ian. I was in Florida this summer with my wife and kids. We were in Bonita Springs and Siesta Key. These have apparently both been hit by this monster storm. Fifteen years ago, we visited Galveston and by the end of the summer, Hurricane Ike had ravaged the place. I think we need to stop traveling.

Also, Biden totally blew up the Nordstream Pipeline. Just sayin’…

Stella Maris, Ora pro Nobis!

Our Eucharistic King WILL NOT Be Mocked

It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I spend a decent portion of my online time scanning through the headlines on Frank Walker’s Canon 212 website. I first heard of Walker and Canon212 a few years ago. I had been in contact with writer George Neumayer (seriously not dropping names) and he mentioned the site as “the Catholic Drudge Report”. Having worked in news, I knew that the term had nothing to do with what has or has not become of Matt Drudge. Clearly he’s either sold out, been offed, or had a break with reality. No, about 20 years ago, I can attest that Drudge was THE homepage on every terminal in our New York City newsroom. If it was on Drudge today, it would be everywhere else soon enough.

So, first, a huge thanks to Mr. Walker! Ann Barnhardt, in one of her podcasts said of him, “the man has a work ethic beyond compare.” I’m paraphrasing but the sentiment is shared and it’s true.

This morning after I finished my workout in the blistering Texas sun – and it was only 10:30 AM – I opened the browser on my phone and looked at the top link. The headline read simply: “Crazy Tik Tok VirusChurch Francis Adoration“. Please only click that link if you want to be as nauseated as I was.

What the embedded video shows appears to be some hideous dance ritual performed with a priest and several vested girls. The priest is manhandling a monstrance. The monstrance has (what I must assume is) a consecrated Host in it. So again, that means Our Lord Himself was being gyrated, thrusted, and tossed about in some kind of bizarre pseudo-Bacchanalian routine for the social media camera phones.

Magdalene was despondent. “They have taken my Lord and I do not know where they have placed Him.

I’m just livid. They have taken my Lord and treated Him like garbage.

I showed this clip to my wife who asked why this in particular would upset me any more than any of the other myriad abuses we’ve witnessed throughout our lives. We’re in our 40’s. I still remember Sr. Marie and the altar girls when I was a kid. If it hadn’t been for the solid faith my parents transmitted to me and the formation they gave me, I probably would have bailed loooong ago.

The reason why this one made me sick is because the more time I spend with my Lord – at mass, His sacrifice; meditating on His passion; simply staring at a crucifix; and yes, at Adoration – the more I love Him and desire union with Him. And I want that for my family. And tradition helped me understand this better than anything ever has. Connecting with the ancient worship of my faith – the one, true, faith – opened my eyes.

Tabernacle, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Newark, NJ

You hear that Excellencies? For years we’ve heard you… “Who would want to attend this outdated ‘thing’ that they never even knew? We tried to kill it once before specifically for this purpose! Now go back to your Novus Ordo, V2 parishes with your dancers and bubbles and, and…” To that I say what I said to a priest who denied me Communion during the coof-o-rama simply because I knelt before him and stuck out my tongue. He demanded, “Stick out your hands! Your hands!!!” I replied softly…

“I can’t.”

My goodness… they pranced the Creator of the Universe around like He was a dime-a-dance burlesque showgirl. They tossed Him like He was a toy balloon at a county fair or Robert Preston’s baton in the final scene of The Music Man.

They treated my Lord like they just don’t care.

It’s almost as if they don’t really believe He’s Truly Present.

Lord Jesus Christ, King of Everlasting Glory, I desire to love Thee with all my heart. Please look upon me from Thy cross with mercy and love. Give me to atone for the abuses to Thy Sacred Body.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, miserere nobis!

Mother of Sorrows, ora pro nobis!

St. Tarcisius, ora pro nobis!

What Shall We Call Them, Fr. Murray?

Over on Frank Walker’s Canon212 is a link to a video in which Fr. Gerald Murray, the canon lawyer who frequently appears on Raymond Arroyo’s EWTN program tells us how he feels about Walker’s use of the term “Thugcardinal”. Murray, who is generally on-point in his analyses of the current situation in the Church and for whom I generally have great respect, is of the opinion that the use of such terms are unseemly and “ridiculous”.

Here we go…

1: I use the word ridiculous as a dad all the time. “Kids, that song is ridiculous.” “Son, that haircut is ridiculous.” “Daughter, you’re 12, perms are both gross and ridiculous. Knock it off.” Walker, who needs no defense from little ol’ me, is being anything but ridiculous here. Calling cardinals who act like thugs “thugcardinals” is truthful. And if he’s arguing implicitly that it doesn’t keep in the mold of how Our Lord would speak or act, did He not call the Pharisees a “brood of vipers”? But at least they weren’t “thugpharisees” so I guess it’s cool.

2: Fr. Murray further states that the pope should never be called “thugpope”. Agreed. Leave Benedict alone. For Antipope Bergoglio, I prefer a term Ann Barnhardt has used – “Likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist”. It’s probably more fitting. But he’s a thug too. He was a thug when he said that women (like my mother, a mom of 16) was “breeding like a rabbit”. He was a thug when said the Bugnini mass was the “sole expression of the Roman Rite”. And he’ll likely appear before his particular judgment as a thug. Pray for this thug. Every day. And speaking of his judgment…

3: I actually have a source who tells me that Bergoglio is facing two uphill battles at the moment. I am informed by this very reliable source that the Jesuit has been diagnosed with both intestinal cancer and a serious knee infection. This isn’t really news. The knee thing has been obvious for some time and more visible now with the wheelchair. The cancer? Eh… we shall see. Rumors of pancreatic cancer have swirled ever since last summer and the hush-hush trip to the hospital. The only thing new here is the specific type of cancer. Either way, see above about praying for this man.

4: How on earth did they find Cardinal Ralph de Bricassart to conduct that interview? See for yourself here.

Stay tuned folks…

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us!