Reason 48 Why I Homeschool My Kids

Apart from the oh-so-obvious (see list below), teaching my offspring at home just makes life interesting for me.

Today I got to dazzle my daughter with my 30 year-old retained knowledge of Fr. Henle’s First Year Latin and dazzle my son with my guess work learning about glaciers and aquifers. Now I have the word “Ogalala” stuck in my head. Also, did you know that 20% of the world’s freshwater (which itself is only 2.75% of the earth’s water) is found as groundwater? Betcha’ didn’t care either. But now you do. And knowing is half the battle, as GI Joe would say.

St. Anthony, stained glass, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, OKC (unrelated to topic)

On the Latin front, we’ve taken to speaking in the manner of the textbook. As in, “You see the dining room. You see Amazon boxes. You see early Christmas presents and Daddy’s gadgets and Mommy’s new sweater. You see a Gaul. The Gauls do not praise the Romans because after the war the Roman’s made the Gauls their slaves.”

It never gets old.

Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us!

Oh-so-obvious Reasons to Homeschool

Ensure your kids learn the most important thing in life or death – the authentic Catholic faith.

Ensure your kids learn other things like how to communicate properly.

Ensure your kids don’t get shot.

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