One Mile

I could write volumes on what I heard today.

I could. But I won’t. That is because I have been so thoroughly disgusted by what I heard. I was shaken to the core almost as much as the man who told me these things.

Many of you know that I have a “source” in law enforcement. One of my nephews is a detective in a large Northeastern city. From time to time he fills me in on the details of life on the job. Today he called me and this was no ordinary phone call. He was almost trembling as he spent the next hour relating to me the absolute demonic state of our world. And this is the takeaway.

Earlier today, Ann Barnhardt posted another brilliant piece about a subject that used to garner universal support in this country. Her thesis, if I may, is that sodomy is among the worst of evils and a society that ignores such blatant violations of natural law (i. e.: not executing sodomites) is soon doomed to disaster.

My law enforcement source sat through extensive training for the past few days. The topics ranged from investigating financial crimes (and the absolutely criminal ways your government goes about said investigations – perhaps a topic for another day) to more routine “traditional” police work.

The Finding in the Temple, stained glass, St. Mary of the Assumption, Fort Worth, TX

But the thing that left him wondering why God Almighty hasn’t blasted the third rock straight to fiery hell focused on what he and everyone in his cadre referred to as “the single greatest epidemic of our time”. And no, it isn’t fentanyl (though I’m sure that’s not far down the list).

I’m talking about sex trafficking.

I cannot repeat most of what he told me and I don’t want to either. Suffice to say that literal children – pre-pubescent boys and girls all the way down to infancy – are being raped every single day in horrifying numbers. Did we not know this? Well, not to the extent that he made me aware. And the worst part is that we and, of course, law enforcement KNOW that the overwhelming majority are being funneled through that southern border for this express purpose. In one instance alone (for which my source saw the actual evidence) a young girl was raped over 200 times in a single week. And that’s just in one location that was discovered.

What infuriates me most of all is the malevolent obtuseness of the hierarchy in this country – both civil and ecclesiastical – who overlook all of this as they tell you to welcome the immigrant, you racist bitches. Then the ecclesiastical part of that equation take money from the civil side for “refugee resettlement “.

The souls of every one of those children is on their hands.

But the most shocking part of all of this – the reason I write this at all – is what he was told next. this was told to him by his superiors in no uncertain terms.

“There is nowhere on earth that you could go where you wouldn’t be more than one mile from this heinous crime.”

One. Mile.

Think about that. Then get on your knees and pray to be spared the effects of the chastisement that surely must come because God is infinitely just and the lives of these children call out to Him for vengeance.

I’m convinced now that the oligarchs are well aware of this. They don’t care. They’re most assuredly part of it. Dear Lord in heaven, it wasn’t enough for them to murder them in the womb? No, Satan spits in God’s eye as he convinces men to turn their backs on nature.

As the Council of Trent proclaimed: “There isn’t a single sin man would not commit if not for the grace of God.” That goes for you and me alike.

Lord Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary, spare us!

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