Daily Archives: January 7, 2023

Wits and Wagers


I was asked by a good friend earlier today if I would write a rebuttal to an article linked on Canon212. You will understand why I am not goin to mention either the name of the article or the author or the same. It was a classic screed written by a man who apparently knows very little about Tradition and even less about the Traditional Latin Mass. Frank Walker refers to him as one of the two “ThugBrothers”. I hope Frank trademarks that word. The author waxes idiotic about his premise. “There ought to be one, single liturgy in the Roman Rite,” he opines, or some other such horseshit. “And that liturgy should be the Novus Ordo.” Wow, big shocker from a big brain. He goes on to write a few hundred more words to prove that he has indeed made good use of that thesaurus the other ThugBrother gave him for Christmas.

I remember a conference I attended some years ago in the Denver Archdiocese for Teachers of Theology in Catholic high schools. One of the speakers, a brilliant man, gave a talk wherein he lamented the state of the young mind, how it had been absolutely raped by our degenerate culture. This was in late 2015. He talked of how he would give lectures at local high schools and students would ask him ridiculous questions such as, “Why does the Church hate the gays when they just want to love each other?” and “What’s wrong with trannies and when is the Church going to stop being racist?” He told the assembled group for this conference something that made absolute sense. “I very quickly realized,” he said, “that I will not engage with them anymore. They don’t want answers. They don’t have logic. They cannot argue from reason. Shake the dust from your shoes and move on.” And so to the friend who asked me to rebut the Thug, I will say something similar.

I would love to engage in a battle of wits with this man but I don’t fight unarmed men.


George Neumayer tweeted something recently. I’m not on Twitter but others are and they forward me the tweets. I have been a fan of George for many years. I even had the privilege of meeting with him on one or two occasions. As an aside, he is perhaps the most down-to-earth guy you’d ever meet. He is a true reporter. I admire his work. George tweeted to the effect that the Vatican might not be able to produce the laicization documents for my old ordinary/nemesis Teddy McCarrick because they might not exist. I’d be willing to wager that George is right. I think I shall explore this question further… Stay tuned.