Daily Archives: January 11, 2023

The Wednesday Roundup – Now with More St. Joseph!

It’s been a minute since I’ve don’t a general stockpot of mixed thoughts under specially-fonted headings. In a crossword puzzle this would be called an “oleo”. Let’s kick off, shall we?

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Yesterday I posted a request for “non-squishy” novena prayers to St. Joseph. I woke up this morning to a number of emails from dear readers who did not disappoint. Thank you one and all! Now I have to decide which one I will begin praying. I spent part of my day just replying to each of you who sent something and if I missed anyone I apologize. I will get to you very soon. The important thing is that I have options. I love St. Joseph. I am trying to grow in devotion to this great man. As a husband and father, he is my patron. Thank you again and know that there will be more on this in the days to come.

Latin is Still Killing

Any of you fellow homeschoolers will know the struggle. We’re trying to get some loose ends wrapped up before beginning the third quarter in earnest next week. Coming back from Christmas break is hard but it had to be done. The kids and I tackled our Latin exams today. The following actual conversation may have taken place:

“Son, why did the Gauls hate the Romans?”

“Um… because they were French and they hate everyone?”

It’s hard for me to fault him on that one. We’ll go for half-credit.

Saying Thank You

Didn’t I just say thanks above? See paragraph 1. Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting with a small group of fellow parishioners. After the meeting I stepped outside because I am a slave to Phillip Morris. In the dimly lit exterior corridor outside the hall, a gentleman approached and asked if he could join me as he drew a long stemmed pipe from his pocket. As he stepped into the light I instantly recognized him. You would too. I won’t mention his name here but it should be TradeMarked. We proceeded to have a very pleasant conversation. Tobacco does that. Of course, I introduced myself using my real name. To my surprise, he had heard of me (under my real name). Before he turned his attention to one of his fans who had also approached, I was able to get in these words:

“You know, you were instrumental in bringing me into the Latin Mass.” He looked genuinely puzzled and replied, “How so?” “Your videos,” I answered. If he happens to see this, he should drop me a line. I’d love to carry on the conversation anytime. I rather enjoyed it.

Sometimes the “Separated Brethren” Don’t Get It Too Wrong

I am a fan of English chorale music. Since this is the month of the Holy Name of Jesus – the only name by which we may be saved – I’m dropping a video of a very nice arrangement of one of my favorite hymns, albeit sung by the choristers of the First Pentecostal Church of the Redeemer Almighty or something like that. Good voices are good voices. Pray for their conversion. And you really can’t beat that pipe organ.

Still better than David Haas.

That’s a wrap for this Wednesday night. Remember to stop every time you pass a crucifix and bless yourself. I’ve started doing that and it has had the most phenomenal effect on my spirit.

Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!