Daily Archives: January 15, 2023

It Blushed

Today at Mass, we heard the Gospel of the Wedding at Cana. This is is my favorite Gospel passage. As a poet once remarked, “The water beheld its God and blushed.”

I remember many years ago when a dear friend died. She was an old woman from the parish in the old neighborhood. She was funeral director with an Irish surname and a big heart. I loved this woman. I’d see her every day when I was a child. We were all part of what we called the “6:30 Club”, as in the 6:30 AM daily Mass. I was in my early 20’s when she died. At her funeral this Gospel was read. Today I would take issue with that. I don’t think people should be “picking the readings”. There really shouldn’t be any option. But for her it seemed fitting as she was so incredibly devoted to Our Lady. The priest, in his sermon at her funeral, spoke of that devotion. He said, “I imagine that if she went straight to God it was because Our Lord greeted her and said ‘Josephine, come with Me. My Mother has told me so much about you.’” And I always loved that image.

Jesus Meets His Afflicted MotherHoly Trinity Catholic Church, Dallas

Do whatever He tells you. These are the last words spoken by the Blessed Mother in Scripture.

Do whatever He tells you. Listen to your Mother. Turn to her as the couple did at Cana. She knew their need before they even recognized and she pleaded for them. And Our Lord, her Son, complied.

Mary, Mother at Cana, pray for us!