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How Do You Talk to a Roche?

Mundabor has a great post up today. When does he not? Check it out here.

Essentially, Arthur Roche, the ex-figure skater and current “liturgical czar” of the Vatican machine was bitching recently that a number of traditionalist bloggers are having such an influence on seminarians of all people. Corrupting the minds of the young men studying for priesthood is, of course, his job, dammit.

Although I would be honored to be numbered among those afflicting the would-be rapists of the Bride of Christ, I did not know until today that simply being a trad dad blogger put me in such rarified air. There are hundreds of others who do what I do and do it so much better; but, as they say in Hollywood, “It is an honor just to be nominated.”

Mundabor rightly points out that there are so many of us because the problem is so evident that we cannot not speak up against the obvious.

But one thing the Roche said in particular did catch my eye.

“These keyboard warriors seem to have an outsize effect, particularly on seminarians” and polemicises [sic] against allegedly ‘distorted agendas’ that are ‘so frequently aired through blogs, etc.’.”

Keyboard warriors? You are right my triple-axel friend. We are warriors. We’re fighting. We’re fighting for something we believe in enough to die for, for Someone and that Someone’s rightful worship.

Jesus is lain in the Sepulcher, mosaic inlaid in marble, Station XIV, Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, NJ

Also, I wonder if they’re all working with the same script. Although I haven’t heard from any seminarians reading this blog yet, I do hear from priests. Most are supportive. But I’ve also heard from a chancery official or two who have accused me of being a, wait for it, “keyboard warrior“.

I suppose I should feel threatened or something. I can’t make it around the rink without holding onto the rail after all and this guy fancies himself Dick Button in a rochet. But I do recognize the truth and I will continue to write what I observe now and what I have observed after years of working with men of your reprehensible ilk. And to the sems reading this, I was once in your shoes. If you ever want to reach out to me, use your data or hotspot because they will track it. But know that I am praying for you.