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Wednesday Roundup: 15 years, 18 years, and LACE LACE LACE!!!

Let’s Start with the Lace (since that’s why you came here)

I posted a picture of a statue yesterday. The statue was of John XXIII. A longtime reader and friend emailed me the following.

Take a look at the lace on the John XXIII statue!! :)”

Here’s the picture once again.

Must be a rigid trad with all that lace. Looks like Grandma.

15 Years

Today is the fifteenth wedding anniversary of yours truly’s wife (and mine as well). It’s been a hell of a ride. Over the past fifteen years I have realized that if there are two words by which I wish to live, they are charity and humility. I have also come to realize that my wife is the single most charitable and humble human being I have personally known. She inspires me in this regard daily and I am thankful. These are, by the way, the virtues associated with the Passion. Perhaps she’s trying to kill me. Or save my soul. She has quietly and patiently taught me as much as my own father did how to be a husband. Also, she is somehow – and I truly mean this – more stunning today than When I first met her. I love her. Here’s our wedding song.

We’re a little different…

18 Years

Today would also have been the eighteenth birthday of one of my nieces. She was just shy of her second birthday when God called her home. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with Ann Barnhardt’s producer/sidekick “Supernerd” and his Tiny Princess. I’ll give you my niece’s name because my sister (her mom) wants nothing more than for everyone to ask her to obtain great favors for them. So do not forget to call upon Fiona in your troubles. She’s gotten her godfather – me – out of a few scrapes.

And that is all for now.

Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us!

St. Henry, pray for us!

Fiona, pray for us!