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The Thursday Roundup: Now with Fewer CFC’s!

Cry Me a Canadian River

Jorge Porgie went to Canada. He waved at the peoples. I hear he even visited an Indian casino. That’s what I would have done. Let it roll on black, baby! Papa needs a new pair of red shoes! They say he followed the lead of that country’s leader and wore “native garb”. He blessed the dirt and painted with alllll the colors of the wind. There was a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer on his pants. He told the peoples mercy and that they should follow their grandparents’ lead. Except in that damn Latin Mass! I’d like him to apologize to me for calling my mom a rabbit.

Mawwiage. Twue Mawwiage

I’m reading things about how the NuChurch higher-ups are pushing a nu marriage formation program or some other such nonsense. The reason marriages fail, they argue, is that young couples don’t delay getting married for several years – long enough to, I don’t know, get to know each other better? I’m a say it right now. That idea is fake and gay.

Here’s how it should be. Get rid of school. Just scrap it. School is fake and hypergay. And I say this as a man with Masters Degrees in systematic theology and educational administration. Those two pieces of paper and ten bucks (*Bidenflation) will get me a cup of coffee. Most people don’t need three-quarters of what’s being foisted upon them. Make the end goal an eighth grade diploma. Reading, writing, and all that jazz. Can you do basic math enough to balance a checkbook? Good. Can you write well enough to communicate? Excellent. Do you know the basics of civics and history? Fantastic. You, my friend, are already way ahead of most college grads. Forget high school. Do we really need AP Calculus? No. Algebra? Sure, I guess. I use it to measure the area of a room for carpeting. Is there a value to learning? Of course there is but it’s lost on most people. Rather than teaching Susie about trannies and dykes, start teaching the beautiful and edifying art of penmanship and then teach kids the classics. No reason you have to be in high school to read at that level. Instead, when you turn 14, get a job. Work on a farm. Apprentice with a silver smith, Johnny Tremain! Do you know what else is going on around these years of development? Ah, you’re smart… Boys are becoming men and girls are, well, they’re more advanced anyway. Hormonal thoughts are raging because this is time God is preparing you to master virtues and then get rollin’ on that beautiful family. The average age of marriage should be skewed back to the late teens.

Cathedral of the Holy Family, Tulsa, OK

Think I’m joking? It’s how it worked for all of human history. And I speak from experience on the one front. I’m an educator by trade. I saw the BS first hand for years. What do you learn in high school that you cannot learn on your own? And college? We all know that’s just a joke. Hey, let’s go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to party for four years and completely lose our faith! Obviously, there are exceptions. Some people can benefit from higher learning. Doctors, priests, etc. but I can guarantee you the breakdown in marriage isn’t because the couple isn’t perilously testing the limits of chastity for ten years after grad school. Who are we kidding? The Nu’s encourage them not to think about chastity.

Off track a bit?

I feel like I should develop that last section in a later post.

She’s Back!

I finally got my Barnhardt Podcast fix today after six weeks without a post. Miss B., one word… If you’re going to make us wait that long, please go longer than an hour and twenty. We really do love the podcast and wish you’d do more. But we’re grateful. Thank you!

Our Lady of Knock, pray for us!