Daily Archives: July 15, 2022

Fr. Z. Action Item: Prayers Requested

Many of you have probably seen the urgent “action item” over at the blog of the irrepressible Fr. Z. Here is a link. Barnhardt also posted Fr.’s request.

None of us know what evil is coming down the pike, but I trust that Fr. Z. Wouldn’t post this request if it weren’t truly vital.

We can speculate but that would probably be pointless. He refers to this as “Intention I”. I personally wonder if that “I” stands for indult. As in going back to the days of priests needing an indult to celebrate the ancient Mass. I suspect it will be far more serious based on his tone.

Either way, stop now and offer your prayers. I’m heading to Adoration with my son and we will offer our full rosary for this intention (along with the intentions of Our Lady of Fatima).

God bless us and the Virgin protect us!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, painting, Christ the King Catholic Church, Sarasota, FL