Another One Down

If you’re following along and keeping score, St. Rita has notched another win today. From my ongoing novena prayer list I have just removed another intention meaning… She has delivered yet again.

This one was very sweet and personal to me. One of my nephews was looking for a better work schedule so he could spend more time with his growing family and get to Adoration more frequently. Not only did his schedule get changed abruptly, but so did his job. He got promoted to detective today!

St. Rita of Cascia, stained glass

Now, don’t take away from this a false sense of hope.

No, I want you to take away from this a very real sense of hope.

If you have been praying for some thing for a long time and it has not come to you, remember one of the first “rules” of prayer. “We pray to change ourselves, not to change God,” as Lewis said. Perhaps step back and begin with a prayer asking Our Lord to send His Holy Ghost to direct you how to pray and for what.

Either way, the novena continues and I have confidence in St. Rita’s power to intercede in impossible cases.

St. Rita, pray for us!

PS: More to come over the weekend. I’m on a bit of vacation visiting with a family member right now.

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