I Can Relate

I don’t put much stock in the workings of our so-called political system anymore. They’ve stolen elections, imprisoned protestors, driven the empire into the ground, gaslit everyone along the way, and rubbed it in our faces.

For years we were told to vote for this or that candidate because… because… they weren’t the other guy. For a while it seemed to make sense. If one candidate said he was pro-life, I felt compelled to vote for him. Until… I realized that even they were being less than truthful about their convictions. There was a guy who did some good things. He also did some bad things. They ran him out of town on an express train to Mar-a-Lago. As of now I cannot in conscience vote for him again. Support of sodomy is still in his bag as is the whole “warp speed” thing. In truth, the country died years ago. We’re just watching it’s last gasps.

The late Fr. Hesse. My nephew just had this image plastered on a coffee mug for me.

But today I watched the fourth, fifth, and sixth votes for House Speaker. I got a bit of a kick out of watching Kevin McCarthy receive no more votes each time than the previous time.

Yet it was the 20 “Republican holdouts” as the media kept calling them (or hostage takers, I heard both today) that sparked a bit of pride in my myocarditis-free heart. They’ve seemingly had enough of the nonsense. They’re tired of being hoodwinked and lied to. They probably have ulterior motives but I’m rolling with this one for a moment. And I can relate to them.

It’s almost like they’re some kind of remnant of a bygone day when people demanded some accountability. They’re being told their fight is futile and then threatened with nasty names when they don’t cave. I’m surprised they haven’t been called “rigid” yet. Their alternative is a cadre of effeminate men and some women on the edge of dykiness who will mash the throttle on debt and sodomy.

Or the whole thing could just be a total farce. Whatever. My flights back home from the Fatherland have just been delayed and I’m trying to rebook. I guess Jersey just wanted to hold onto this Jersey boy a bit longer.

St. Anthony of Egypt, pray for us!

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