Tuesday Musings: Now with that New Car Smell!

The temperature today maxed out at 111 degrees here in my part of Texas.

And I was just asking Our Lord to give me the grace to meditate on His Passion…

In other news, the gayest chest cold in history continues to steamroll its pathetic way back into our daily lives. Local news reports are screaming that numbers are up and everyone will die. Remember that these are the same people who told you that Joe Byron got 81 million votes.

Moving on…

Can you tell it’s a slow news day?

Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupré, Quebec Province, Canada

I recently watched a new Fr. Ripperger video. This one (in three one-hour segments) is on the virtue of integrity. Toward the end, however, Fr. wends his way into end times prophecies. I must read more about Blessed Elena Aiello; but this did raise an interesting point. Tonight my wife asked me if I would be interested in a pilgrimage to Rome. After watching that video, hell nein. but for a more practical reason I deferred my answer.

If the Mass of the Ages is to be completely unavailable in the Eternal City (as I suspect it will be soon), then why would I travel there? And why would I spend time and money to go to a general audience of an antipope? Although that thought intrigues me as someone who frequently finds himself in “impossible historical situations”, I think I will take a pass for now.

Perhaps if the Triumph occurs in my lifetime I may rethink this.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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