Arlington Restrictions

I am so angry this morning. I stayed up late reading and reading-reading the news out of the Arlington Diocese. What I did not read are any social media posts about it. I’m sure I’d just be filled with a blind rage at that point.

Arlington (the diocese) used to be my home for a few years. In many ways, it is still a secondary home for me as I travel there frequently. Sometimes, when one is so close to a situation, it’s best to let someone else comment. And so in the spirit of fraternity, I’m going to direct anyone who’s read this far to check out Anthony Stine’s video from this morning (if you haven’t already). Disregard his pronunciation of “Burbidge”. I’m just giving him a hard time. I’d insert a laughing emoji but I try to avoid those.

Hopefully I will post my own commentary in the next day or two.

Remember this, though… The end goal is bringing you and me “back into the mass of Paul VI”. Unfortunately for them, my end goal is heaven.

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